The Corvidae brand was born in 2020, out of a flat in North West London by two visionary friends looking to make contemporary utilitarian clothing that was easily accessible for their age group. Everything was designed with the intention to fill the voids in their own wardrobes with pieces that blended fashion and function.

As the owners matured so did the clothing, creating an even more distinctive brand style, maintaining an accessible price point with pieces that remained exclusive through small quantity releases. Evolving the brand from the signature puffer coats expanded into the a diffusion range called Unia, with the purpose being to touch more on sportswear references from Europe that heavily inspired the founders personal style.

Whilst Corvidae resides in London, the founders find home globally. This international perspective fuels ongoing collaborations with brands worldwide that share the same ethos.
The origins of the name lie in the roots: Corvidae is a cosmopolitan family of birds.  The name is pronounced ‘core-ve-day’.